Ogen en oren tekort

From  march 2  - april 4 2019  Klaas Leene and Jan van Treuren exhibit their sulptures and Mary Oortwijn and Frank Renssen exhibit their paintings at the Kunstgilde Heuvelrug art centre.

Suddenly it becomes spring. Leaves unfold and buds burst open. A wide variety of colours occur as at  a painter's pallette. . Flowers invite you to look, to absorb the scents and cautiously touch the petals. Trees and shrubs develop fifty shades of green, yellow and white.  Your eyes and ears can hardly cope with the  overwhelming variety.
Nature inspires resulting in oil paintings and watercolours. Flowres, trees ,rocks and seascapes are my favourites.

valley oak nieuwjaarskaartLast november we visited Westlake Village, Agoura and Malibu and saw Woolsey Fire’s impact and size: black burned mountain slopes, carbonized chapperal, and destroyed homes but also homes which the fire brigade was able to save. An area of 39234 ha was burned and nearly 300000 people were evacuated. Impressive valley oaks still stand in a gray blackened valley but were visibly affected by fire. The rain finally came and a few days later pieces of grass appeared through the black blanket of ash and carbonized plants.  Little by little greening brings the gloomy landscape back to life. Will the valley oaks survive?

A hopeful new year

Metamorphose, from pupa to butterfly

KAR's special exhibition from saturday augustus 25  september 2, 2018 at the Art Society Heuvelrug, Kerkplein 10 Leersum. Art Society-members  having participated in the yearly arttrail from 1989 to 1917 show their most recent work . The sculpture ''Metamorfose'' shows a development of members joinng the Art  Society. When people join the Art Society they look like a pupa, where artistic ideas are neatly folded up. Ideas worth to be elaborated. Having joined the Art Society they open their pupal case and a beautiful butterfly emerges.  The butterfly becomes attracted to a special flower, inpersonating one of the Art Society's workinggroups. The new members gradually master their artistic skills and become inspired artists.  The Art Society accommodates a bunch of beautiful fowers.

pop van een vlinder expositievlinder in een bloemenzee expositie

In may 2018 a committee of fifteen churches in our region (Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Woudenberg) invited sixteen artists to make a piece of art related to Pentacost which will be exhibited during Ascension Day (may 10 - may 12 and may 13) and Pentecost (may 19 - may 21). The churches wil be open from 13.00-17.00 (feestvandegeest.nl). This years theme is breath of life .
Angela van Iersel (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), visual artist belonging to the Hagedienst Community and residents of Bartimeus participating in the sculpture- workshop exhibit their work in the Bartimeus' chapel at Doorn. Bartimeus is a Dutch organisation who provides care, support, education and training for partially sighted or blind people. The organisation aims to improve their quality of life providing personal advice, guidance and knowledge. During Ascension Day and Pentecost everywhere in the Netherlands visual artists exhibit in churches inspired by the theme breath of life ( feestvandegeest.nl).klank van levensadem


The breath of live's sound While the day of Pentecost was running its course a crowd surrounded Peter and the other apostles. A sense of awe mastered the listening onlookers. They all understood each other as they were speaking their own language.

Every pipe in my work of art represents people with its own language and culture. Though sounds may differ the message remains the same. Not all pipes produce a clear tone, embodying  people being so overwhelmed that they cannot fully grasp what has happened to them.

Norge inspiredMy design is inspired by the norwegian landscape. New years radiating light appears at the end of the tunnel.

A happy 2018

berk papierberkThirty four artists open their studios from 12.00 -17.00 on saturday september 30 and sunday october 1  2017. The annual Art trail Driebergen comprises a large variety of painters, ceramists, sculptors, bookbinder, weavers, photographers and silver & goldsmiths.

At home the quintet 'BLAA5' will also play music of various composers like Haydn, Mozart en Danzi on october 1 at 15.00.  You find us at the W.v.Abcoudelaan 4, being no. 21 on the trail.

klaar voor de startatelierroute 2017 afficheontvouwen

opening expositieOffical opening of 'Summer in wood and stone'

The official opening of the sculpture garden-exhibition was accompanied by summery flute music, refreshing drinks and savoury snacks on july 8 2017. The guests found their way to the 99 sculptures which beautifully blended with the various groves. Finally a dendrologist led an interested group along trees which merited a captivating  story.

giant puffinpop met robinia

poster de zomer in hout en steenboomvalk 430

An important showcase for the sculptors of art society Kunstgilde Heuvelrug, exhibition is held from 9 July to 20 August 2017 within Von Gimborn Arboretum, the National Treemuseum, with beautifully landscaped collections of trees. Among groves of trees, pools and streams,  individual sculptures can be seen within their own natural 'frames'. The gardenscape creates a magical setting for the exhibition loved by visitors of all ages. It is an ideal place to bring the family, as children love to discover the sculptures, tucked away around every corner all around the gardens.

Every day the exhibition is open from 09.00 am to 7.00 pm. The sculptors were inspired by summer's vicissitudes hence the exhibition's title: Summer in wood and Stone.

Every Tuesday steatite-workshops wil be held. Interested visitors should call +31-343-451807.More info: www.kunstgildeheuvelrug.nl and www.bomenmuseum.nl

The National Treemuseum likes to show how wood is grown and used in a wide variety  from 10. 00 am to 17.00 pm at the second of july 2017 in the Von Gimborn Arboretum. 
The Von Gimborn Arboretum constitutes wood’s first life. Over 3000 species of shrubs and trees lushly growing in the park guarantee an magnificent bouquet of form and colour. Moreover we also like to show what can be made from wood eg utensils, furniture, carvings and sculps, which encompasse wood’s second live. Over 40 artist and artisans present their work of art. The sculpture-group of the Art Society Heuvelrug is one those exhibitors  present at the wood manifestation.  The sculp-pictures belong to Rients Zoodsma, Cees van Swieten, Wout Epping and Frank Renssen.

More info: http://houtmanifestatie.gimbornarboretum.nl/manifestatie

Rients ZoodsmaRients ZoodsmaCees van SwietenWout EppingFrank Renssen

Rots buiten de branding

It is early morning and not a breath of wind. From unruffled water a rock arises, a beacon on the way to 2017.

An adventurous and peaceful new year

Atelierroute 2016 afficheAtelier in Atellieroute 2016Tuin in Atelierroute 2016

Thirty five artists open their studios from 12.00 -17.00  on Saturday 1 october and Sunday 2 2016.The annual Art trail Driebergen comprises a large variety of painters, ceramists, sculptors, bookbinders, weavers, photographers and silver & goldsmiths (www.atelierroutedriebergen.nl). You meet my studio at the W.v.Abcoudelaan 4 being 24 on the trail (www.frankrenssen.nl).