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Sculptors of the tuesdaygroup are part and parcel of the sculptors of Heuvelrug Art society.

‘’ Kunstgilde’’ .They sculp every week on tuesday in Leersum and they like to show you fruits of their inspiration. Their exhibits are shown on weekends in the Art society’s Gallery during weekends of february 2024 from 14.00-16.30.

uitnodiging frank renssen

From february 5 to march 2 2023 there will be an exhibition of etchings, ceramics en mixed media.Frank Renssen will participate with paintings in oil and watercolours in the Kunstgilde gallerie Leersum.

 Sunbeams illuminating the painted glass from behind.
 The landscape of 2023 unfolds and offers perspective.
                          A prosperous New Year.

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beeld en berk Arttrail Driebergen 2022 is spread over two weekends. Thirty visual artist open their studios at the  first weekend of october  (october 1-2) from  12.00-17.00  Their addresses are spead all over Driebergen. Seventeen artists open their studios from october 29-30. They have their studios at the  Engweg and the cultural center Cultuurhoek. They are open from 12.00-17.00.

poes img 5273 copyBeing a cautious cat I like to watch my territory quietly and inobstrusively. After some search I found my safe place.

         poster september 2022 def 1280x1833                                                                                         

 Marble is a wonderful stone for sculpturing. In this exhibition I used   a variety of marble in which each stone has its own pattern and signature. We , sculptors of Kunstgilde Art society,  jointly tried to show this variety in figurative and abstract sculps.

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The Dronten Artcouncil(SKD) aims at making visual arts more accessible to Dronten’s inhabitants. Promoting and organizing art exhibitions in four locations results in a yearly exhibition-programme.  The Aeres Businesscentre is one of these locations. The centre belongs to Aeres University of Applied Sciences which has has faculties in Almere, Dronten and Wageningen. They all share the same vision and mission, but have their our own characteristics and identity.The study programme in Dronten focus on agribusiness. Research in Dronten is about entrepreneurship and sustainable business development.

An Hong with Chinese art, Maaike Visser-Boonstra with ceramics and Frank Renssen with paintings and sculptures exhibit  at the Aeres Businesscentre from january 4 to april 30 2022.

nieuwjaarskaart 2022An encouraging light shining through upright spruces but outlines of 2022 are still rather vague.
We wish you a bright new year.

From 16-19 juli 2021 the annual Art Event is held at Zonheuvel Conference Centre Doorn.Visual artists from Southeast Utrecht exhibit their paintings, pictures, scupltures, ceramic and other art forms in the beautiful castle-garden . The Kunstgilde Art society is also represented with a stand adjacent to  the castle.   zonheuvel kunstevent

From juli expositiesaturday july 3 till thursday  july 29 2021 the Kunstgilde-sculptors exhibit their sculps in the Kunstgilde Gallerie, Kerkplein 10 , Leersum. Some sculptors surprise exhibiting paintings and other artforms They gladly expose their orher artistical  skills. Due to Covid 19 no offcial opening is planned but you are more than welcome in the following  weekends.

nieuwjaarskaart 2020 imgp0346

Trying to look ahead all the time a rock pops up obscuring a clear prospect for 2021. Keeping the rock in mind we started climbing the rock and gradually a sundrenched landscape was arising. We wish you a new year bathing in a radiating sun and opening up bright prospects for all of you.


José and Frank