From 16-19 juli 2021 the annual Art Event is held at Zonheuvel Conference Centre Doorn.Visual artists from Southeast Utrecht exhibit their paintings, pictures, scupltures, ceramic and other art forms in the beautiful castle-garden . The Kunstgilde Art society is also represented with a stand adjacent to  the castle.   zonheuvel kunstevent

From juli expositiesaturday july 3 till thursday  july 29 2021 the Kunstgilde-sculptors exhibit their sculps in the Kunstgilde Gallerie, Kerkplein 10 , Leersum. Some sculptors surprise exhibiting paintings and other artforms They gladly expose their orher artistical  skills. Due to Covid 19 no offcial opening is planned but you are more than welcome in the following  weekends.

nieuwjaarskaart 2020 imgp0346

Trying to look ahead all the time a rock pops up obscuring a clear prospect for 2021. Keeping the rock in mind we started climbing the rock and gradually a sundrenched landscape was arising. We wish you a new year bathing in a radiating sun and opening up bright prospects for all of you.


José and Frank

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 Exhibition at the Military Rehabilitationcentre Doorn

 from oktober 2 2020 - januari 9 2021. The painting-exhibition

 is open  for visitors from 12.00 till 21.00 in the therapy- building : address:Korte Molenweg 3   3941 PW Doorn

Information: Carla van Vlaanderen tel 0343-598405

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It is worthwile in july 2020 to look at the Art-society’s veranda. What you see is a great variety of wooden and stone sculptures. Large and smal, Figurative and abstract. In short a visit to the Kerkplein is fun during Covid 19.

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Due to Covid 19 the Kunstgilde Heuvelrug Art-society cannot organize exhibitions in its gallery but the society found however a way out. Eightteen sculptors exhibit sculptures in the society's veranda in june 2020. www.  address: Kerkplein 10 3956 BW Leersum.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  From 1 februari – 5 maart 2020 the painter Jaap van der Meer,   the sculptors Wout Epping, Klaas Leene, Stéphanie Maul and Frank Renssen and the photographers  Wim Keetbaas and Hans Neecke exhibit at the Kunstgilde Heuvelrug, Kerkplein 10  Leersum. The exhibition will take place  at saturday februari 1 at 16.00.

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perspectief voor 2020 2Dark prospects, gloomy forecasts and threatening consequences of climate change could nearly make you low spirited. Some positive news and initiatives however appear too, enhancing new energy and even produce effects on a larger scale.
We therefore wish you a new year beaming with light and room for positive experiences., a source for new energy.


voorbij de horizonFor years art lovers could yearly visit art studios in Driebergen in the first weekend of october. Last year art lovers waited in vain, but this year a group of visual artists organized a new arttrail.Thirty artists open their studios again from 12.00 -17.00 on saturday 5 and sunday october 6 2019. The Arttrail Driebergen comprises a large variety of painters, ceramists, sculptors, bookbinder, weavers, textile designers and photographers. I also participate with paintings and sculptures (no 24 on the arttrail ) For more information please look at

Ogen en oren tekort

From  march 2  - april 4 2019  Klaas Leene and Jan van Treuren exhibit their sulptures and Mary Oortwijn and Frank Renssen exhibit their paintings at the Kunstgilde Heuvelrug art centre.

Suddenly it becomes spring. Leaves unfold and buds burst open. A wide variety of colours occur as at  a painter's pallette. . Flowers invite you to look, to absorb the scents and cautiously touch the petals. Trees and shrubs develop fifty shades of green, yellow and white.  Your eyes and ears can hardly cope with the  overwhelming variety.
Nature inspires resulting in oil paintings and watercolours. Flowres, trees ,rocks and seascapes are my favourites.

valley oak nieuwjaarskaartLast november we visited Westlake Village, Agoura and Malibu and saw Woolsey Fire’s impact and size: black burned mountain slopes, carbonized chapperal, and destroyed homes but also homes which the fire brigade was able to save. An area of 39234 ha was burned and nearly 300000 people were evacuated. Impressive valley oaks still stand in a gray blackened valley but were visibly affected by fire. The rain finally came and a few days later pieces of grass appeared through the black blanket of ash and carbonized plants.  Little by little greening brings the gloomy landscape back to life. Will the valley oaks survive?

A hopeful new year