I am always intrigued when painting in watercolour as to how I can coax the paint into the colour intensity I envisage. Although the result can be somewhat predictable, unexpected effects can occur which reveal new possibilities. Playing with light and maintaining transparency give further challenges. Painting in watercolour is especially suitable for painting flowers, trees and seascapes.

Beuk in de Willinkhof Blauw geaderde steen Ficus Religiosa Hisicus Kiem van een beuk Le grand pré bij Verdon Magnoliabloem Opkomende storm op Dingle Rode gelaagde steen Oude zomereik in de Morvan Noormannenpoortje Gimbornpark Viola meditativa Bristlecone 3 Bristlecone 4 Grote Oceaan bij El Matador Laatste lichtstralen ridderspoor