Frank RenssenWhen I was a child I was often drawing and even created a complete fantasy world of my own. Somewhat later I had drawing lessons from Jeanne Schiff who taught me how to use charcoal, crayon, ink and watercolour. As an adult my day-to-day work kept me rather busy and unfortunately drawing and painting were restricted to holidays and special occasions until my son, Hans, convinced me that I should take lessons again. This I did and Cecile Hessels aquainted me further with the techniques of water colour and oil painting. In Rijswijk, where the lessons were given, I also followed a course in painting models.

After moving house to Driebergen I followed lessons from Ingrid Meuleman for some years and learned a lot on conceptual painting. A few years ago I followed a course in sculpture with Zimbabwean sculptors after which I now like to both sculpt and paint. To me, painting and sculpturing have become one of the essentials of life.